FILIPAY is under the management of Service Economy Applications Inc. focusing on the development of cashless systems for private and government institutions. Our goal is to standardize the automatic fare collection system of the on-going Public Utility Vehicle Modernization project of the government. FILIPAY’s objective is to systematize the transaction processing flow of fleets for security transparency. The demand for this kind of system is high since most PUV Operators are struggling to monitor everyday transactions resulting to large-scale discrepancies.


FILIPAY’s positioning on security framework is to shorten the process of transactional data transfer for faster verification. Logically, the shorter the process, the easier for the system to efficiently reduce the time of monitoring capacity. Thus, it simplifies the day-to-day work by standardizing methods and automating repetitive tasks – thereby boosting the performance of the entire auditing process. We also applied the implementation of effective automated audit management system that supports the organization’s governance on risk management policies.